Tool Stands and Workbench

by Dan Phalen
Roll-around works for this small garage shop

It's always fun to build something for the shop, especially when it provides something you can put to quick use.

My shop is a borrowed section of a narrow two-car garage. That means I have to move the car and roll out my tools whenever I go to work in there.

The saw I use for everything is a contractor's saw by Ridgid, which I bought from Home Depot. It's a great little saw that folds up out of the way when I'm done. But it lacks real table space.

Clamp Stand

This is portable on small casters and I've loaded it beyond their load limit. Still very handy because I use these clamps all the time. The center upright holds squeeze clamps. Left picture shows pipe clamps and regulars, right shows the stand rotated 90 degrees to display the Jets and Irwins.


More clamps hang on the wall above the workbench.

My big clamps

Planer Stand

Simple open carcase on cheap-o casters. I love this planer.

outfeed closed

Drill Press Stand and Table

A very early project not too well constructed. The drill press works well but limited depth and throw make it frustrating. One of my next major investments will be a floor model.

Drill bits and Forstners in the drawer. I might add a door below it.



I needed this but didn't have time to make the ultimate maple top super-duper bench. This one is constructed of two slabs of 3/4" MDF glued and screwed. The frame is milled and dressed kiln-dried 2x4 pine. The legs are three stacked 2x4s, and the apron is 2x4.

It's a very solid unit with holes drilled for round bench dogs and a Rockler face vise I use a lot. The tail vise is solid maple but hardly gets any use so far. Still, it's there whenever I need it.

The downdraft sanding box on the shelf is made of pegboard and 1/2" ply scraps with a hole for the dust collection. Its main use is to support the DeWalt router and accessories.

Haven't used the Rockler dovetail jig on the floor. My big drawer project was already done by the time I got it.


Outfeed Table

This table doubles as an outfeed table for my table saw and a work table that can take a beating.

Threaded pipe makes the legs. Stowed in the clamp rack when not in use.


Attachments on the back for stabilizers. Slot cut for 2 1/2" dust collector hose.


Stabilizer in use. Snugs the table up tight against the saw, leaving room for fence overhang.


Folded and put away for next use. Good place for project parts in progress. I wheel this thing around all over the shop.


Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed your visit.



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