Links For Beginning Woodworkers

by Dan Phalen

We all start our woodworking experience from about the same place: eager to learn and hungry for help. Here are dozens of informative web pages compiled by woodworkers and helpful researchers, such as the mentors and kids at Westwood Youth Group, who came up with the idea for this page in the first place.

Broad Starting Points

Besides their outreach providing wood hobby and craft products, these folks have compiled a few dozen links to help the beginning woodworker. Everything from wood selection to safety tips to skills and techniques and much more. Thanks again to the Westwood Youth Group for researching these links. Thanks also to Bailey C. for the Fred Jaicks link. And a great big Thanks to Cindy's Girl Scouts for a great find at Building With Wood. Special thanks also to Boy Scout Liam C. for the link to Guide to Home Woodworking Projects.

Building With Wood
Guide to Home Woodworking Projects
Fred Jaicks' Woodworking FAQ
West Hills Wood
Sofas and Sectionals
Wood B Crafts
Highland Woodworking


The woodworking community is a helpful, supportive bunch of people. The men and women on these forums run from novice to professional, and the rule is: no question is stupid.

WoodNet Forums
Sawmill Creek - Router specific discussions

Stains & Finishes


Essential Shop Tools


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Links To Get Started