Saw Add-ons

by Dan Phalen
"Extend" the surface of a jobsite saw

Since my shop is a borrowed section of a narrow two-car garage, I have to move the car and roll out my tools whenever I go to work in there. Sound familiar?

The saw I use for everything is a contractor's saw by Ridgid, which I bought from Home Depot. It's a great little saw that folds up out of the way when I'm done. But it lacks real table space.

Apron Extensions

I built the two white melamine pieces shown below to get more real estate. The Ridgid TS2400 portable saw has one of the widest aprons available in its class, but drawn to full extension, it leaves a big hole where stuff can fall through. So I made the melamine insert.

The left apron extension adds cutting support but isn't a really stable surface otherwise.


Left, the back end of the insert. The No. 8 screws rest on the back rail, keeping the insert surface flush with the table top. Right, front end of insert. The cleat was customized to slide into the slot in the front rail.


Left, underside of front cleat showing vinyl tape shims. Right, profile of cleat.


Outfeed Table

Next is a look at the outfeed table I made for the Ridgid TS2400 portable table saw. This is how it looks folded up and put away. I used cheap-o casters for wheels and I hate the things because they lock up and cause this top-heavy beast to tilt. But it works as both outfeed and work table.


In operation, it adds four feet of length by three of width. Since the garage floor has settled, it's hard to make a perfectly flush fit where it abuts the saw. When I'm using the saw fence, I have to pull the outfeed table away about 2 inches to make room for the fence tail. This adds to instability but the TS2400 does not have conventional fence rails, so I'm stuck with what I got.


Pipe fittings for legs. It's actually straighter than it looks.


...and from the business end. I have single-handedly ripped a six-foot MDF sheet on this using only a roller support on the near end--and I still have all fingers and toes. Not something I want to repeat, however.


All the maple projects and the router table were made with this saw. I would love a big cabinet saw, but the car would have to stay outside and I'd be looking at a big hole in the budget.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed your visit.



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