Free Router Table Plans

by Dan Phalen


You Can Do This!

These plans are easy to follow and clearly stated, with lots of pictures. You get more than 40 pages of fully dimensioned illustrations and detailed plans in PDF format, including:

  • Cut lists
  • Materials list
  • Component parts in 3D
  • Exploded assemblies
  • Cutaways
  • How-to photos from the project build

Best of all, I'm still providing them FREE in PDF form, along with my Sketchup project files. Both are zipped for your protection.

Get the PDF PLANS!

Download the plans

Build your Ultimate Router Table exactly as I did by downloading this PDF document of my plans.


Add my Sketchup 8 files!

Download the Sketchup

You can also download my Sketchup 8 project files as a model for your own work.



For images of router tables others have built using my plans, click inside this box.

PDF Change History

Questions? If you find any problems or discrepancies with the plans or the Sketchup project, please send me an email. I want them to work for you and other woodworkers.

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  • ...your plans are just what I've been looking for. - Scott C.
  • I came across your plans for the router table and LOVE it. - Randy
  • Just wanted to say thanks for the very thorough how-to - Michael S.
  • Thank you for offering these plans at no charge. It is a great service to woodworkers everywhere. - R.S.


Many thanks to the following woodworkers who submitted images of their own results and questions that helped perfect these plans:

Brian F., Randy S., Joe J., Scott F., Larry B., Michael S., Eric P., Nelson P., Chris M., Mike R., Michael S., Mark J., Larry K., Mark D., Bert D., Robert Z. and others.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed your visit.



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