Knock-down Work Table

by Dan Phalen

Just had a viewer remark about knockdowns, so I thought I'd post a little bit about this one.

Rude and Crude, Dude

A product of necessity at the time, this little knock-down work table came together many years ago, before I had a wood shop. It isn't pretty and it isn't as sturdy as I'd like, but it works when I need it. You can make your own to fit any height and size you need. If I had to use it a lot, I'd probably rig a diagonal brace from leg to leg


Five Easy Pieces

Yep, that's right, just two legs and three braces. Notch the leg crosspieces to accept the 2 x 4 thickness. I used lap joints on the leg assemblies to make the legs rock solid.


Next, add a top. This one is just a slab of 3/4" MDF. The cleats hold the piece nice and snug to the leg assembly. With this design you can adjust the top to fit the rectangle described by your particular leg configuration.

Leg Assembly

Here's the leg assembly 4/5 complete.

And a closeup to show how the end caps work.

You Can Do It

If you're cramped for space, this sort of table can be a real help in the shop. Stack the braces, prop up the legs, stuff 'em in a corner. Drag them out when you need a work surface. Thirty seconds to set up and you're good to go.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed your visit.


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