Air Compressor Wall Mount

by Dan Phalen

Get that thing up off the floor! Compressor, that is.

Something I've wanted to do for quite a while now is to mount my Porter-Cable air compressor on the wall. Two reasons: (a) it frees up floor space for more storage, and (b) it's a more convenient arrangement.

My shop is a borrowed section of a narrow two-car garage, so space is a premium. Moving this bulky beast onto the wall frees up space for more of my stuff.

Custom Shelf

The compressor has a valve to bleed moisture. Of course there's a lot of wet in Oregon, so bleeding releases enough water to puddle, That's okay for a concrete floor but not so nice to wood. So, I laminated the 17" x 17" shelf to protect it.


The compressor feet are bolted to the shelf with 1/4 x 20 machine bolts in a pattern customized to fit. The white angle brackets beneath are 3/16" powder-coated steel, fastened to the furring wall with No. 8 screws screwed into heavy duty wall anchors.

It ain't comin' down unless the whole wall folds!

How It Fits Into The Shop

view 1

Here's a shot to show it moved to hang on the wall above the chop saw. The black power cord plugs into the outlet to the left, just below the hanging cupboard.

view 2

It's quite a stretch to reach the power switch on the motor up top, but I can make it. Some day maybe I'll give it a dedicated wall switch. Still, I don't brad nail my work very often.

Next up for this puppy is a coiled hose, then maybe a tire valve for when I run the car over a brad nail.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the setup as it is.

Frees Up Space for Storage

Simple 30W x 22D x 28H carcase can go under the chop saw later, adding a drawer for chop saw accessories and a closed cupboard with two shelves. The bin will come back out on the floor again.

free space

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed your visit.



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