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Should You Tackle A Shop-Built Router Table Project?
 Woodworkers Say, "Yes, I Can!"

If you're a woodworking hobbyist like me, you may be asking yourself this question. How many woodworkers are prepared to create a precision tool like the one Norm Abram designed? Well, you don't have to be a New Yankee Workshop TV star to get the job done.

<-- Here's Mine.  In my featured post I show you how mine went together, including a link to my PDF file of dimensioned plans, plus a zip of my Sketchup 8 project files.



bookcase.png Arts & Crafts Style Side Table Does Double Duty

After a long hiatus from woodworking, I decided to build a 21"w x 15"d x 25"h side table for myself. My previous solution for reading book storage was a 25-inch stool of turned legs and maple top. Functional, but not so hot. [Read more...]

missioncab.png Mission Cabinet Doubles As Photographer's Easel and Office Supplies Storage

Here's a custom cabinet designed to fulfill a specific need, but you can build it from my plans for any purpose you see fit. I built this Mission style cabinet to double as an easel for photographing china pieces and [Read more...]

lateralfile.png NEW! Lateral File Plans

Here's a lateral file cabinet designed to fit your home office. Build it from my FREE plans.


newshop.png New! My Sunny California Garage Shop

What a place! Lots of light, more room, brand new table saw. Still a work in progress, but have a look anyway. [Read more...]

mjig.jpg Shop-Built Mortising Jig Saves Bux On Low-Budget Shop

I love this thing! It's easy to build from shop scraps, and takes minimal setup to get going. This jig just might help you to the next level in your woodworking. [Read more...]

cprssr.jpg Get that thing up off the floor! Compressor, that is.

Another small shop solution you'll find handy in any situation. It's easy to build from shop scraps and takes minimal setup to get going. [Read more...]

skup.png Too timid for Sketchup?

A compelling rationale for sticking your toe in the Sketchup waters. It won't hurt, I promise... [Read more...]

Let's go cut wood!

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed your visit.



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 when God was a woman...

Sumer, 3,200 BC. Under the watchful eye of a deadly cobra, Nippur’s empath queen Uruna risks her life and mankind’s future to foresee an alternative to war. Torn between her longing for love and her pledge as bride to a nation, she defies a power-mad priest and his insurgent army. But her gamble demands a personal cost more shattering than her worst nightmare. Read more...

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